Juan P. Orozco

9-15-11 JP

Having worked as an intern for Larry A. Rothenberg, a Prominent Real Estate Attorney out of Coral Springs, exposed Mr.Orozco to the everyday dynamics of real estate from both the legal and day to day stand point. After graduating from business school Mr.Orozco had a clear vision on what his lifelong passion would come to be, Real Estate! From property management, investments, creating, building, and managing investment funds etc.  Mr.Orozco has successfully participated in many aspects of the residential real estate profession.
Being trained and working under Mr.  Rothenberg since 2009 has taught Mr. Orozco invaluable business practices, from treating his clients with the utmost care to constantly striving on building lasting relationships. As a result – Juan has been privileged to have participated in the very early stages of Mr. Rothenberg’s new businesses and has consequently been integral in the early growth each business has experienced.
Having been exposed to the legal aspect of real estate has also prepared Mr.Orozco to be supremely diligent, careful, and protective of his client’s best interest.  This aspect of Real Estate has also been embraced by Mr. Orozco, so much so that he has even decided to enroll into law school to improve his expertise within the legal realm of real estate.
To sum up what has brought Mr.Orozco the accomplishments he’s had so early in his career is, his ability to organize and administer projects, such as finding clients the right properties, finding creative solutions for sophisticated dilemmas, etc. arriving at every solution with the most efficient and effective tactics while at the same time making his clients experience a delightful one!

Phone: 754-444-7525
Fax: 954-255-3653

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